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Read the free reports listed below to learn more about lurking dangers to our health, and steps we can take with the focus
on prevention. Sources of alternative products that have helped people who had to cope with multiple health challenges are available for you to check out online.

Here are some examples on available reports:

Doctor's Report # 1 on the dangers of parasites.

 Book Report on a Doctor's confessions.

 Doctor's Report # 2 on the dangers of parasites.

  Health Report, The Parasite Cancer connection.

 Doctor's Report # 3 on toxic bodies (video transcript).

  Parasites that animals (including pets) can transfer to man.

Health Test. Do a health test online and see what shape you are in. The health test is available in text format (if you
want to return the result by computer use this format), and in pdf format (if you want to print out and mail the form).
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Can Death Begin in the Colon?


CAN DEATH BEGIN IN THE COLON? Dr. Joel Robbins believes that it does! Dr. Joel Robbins, M. D., says: "If the digestive tract (including the colon) cannot function efficiently, absorb the necessary nutrients, and eliminate the waste effectively, weight gain and the other problems can occur. Stop masking the symptoms and deal with the problem at its source. It is necessary that you remove the toxins from your system and stop poisoning yourself into bad health.

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If life and good health is precious to you, you want to be full of energy, feel good, fight aging and look younger then you have come to the right place!

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The Oxygen Miracle

"The link between insufficient oxygen and disease has now been firmly established."
Dr. W. Spencer Way, Journal of the American Associates of Physicians

Oxygen Therapy is a revolutionary therapy, a breakthrough in natural health. If this subject interests you,
there are many online reports and health testimonials available at the site linked to below.

Oxygen Therapy Products, free radical scavengers.| Our own site, comparing food grade hydrogen
peroxide with a better product
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